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    Qlik Sense Cloud - Pulic Sharing

    Fabio Rodriguez

      Dear community,

      My organization is evaluating different BI&A platforms to implement a project in which seamless and secure connectivity to our third-party customers from our website is required. Qlik Sense Cloud is, of course, a strong option.


      1) We are thinking in Qlik Sense Cloud since we are gradually moving our IT infrastructure to the cloud.

      2) We want to share sensitive information with individual customers. Since they are not part of the organization, we can not create individual accounts in which ever BI&A platform we choose.

      3) An authentication process will be implemented on a website where embedded visualizations are shared with specific users.


      According to Qlik Sense® Cloud Security, White Paper:

      "Users may choose to publically or semi-publically share an unlimited number of data visualization charts."


      "Shared charts may be easily exposed and shared on social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or can be embedded in a web page (or blog, etc.) by using a public link or <iframe> embed code. These charts can be incorporated into public sites and applications, or placed into web pages or applications that require authenticated access."


      My questions: What does semi-publically mean?

      if you share any visualization using public link or <iframe> embed code, isn't it already public to anyone who has the link regardless his/her authentication status?


      Thanks for your comments and support.

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Fabio:


          Thanks for your question.


          I will have to check on that wording.


          Basically under Qlik Sense Cloud Basic (free) you can choose to invite people to your shared My Stream - anyone who is invited can see the apps available. (requires a Qlik Sense Cloud account). Or you can share a single visualization (what we call Qlik Sense Charts) - this creates a URL that is public (no Qlik Sense Cloud account required) and can be shared or embedded freely.


          Qlik Sense Cloud Business (subscription)  - you can invite users to your workspace - and publish apps to streams that are controlled by you. Anyone who is invited can be a part of your workspace as long as you have purchased a seat for that person.


          Check out these videos to learn more:




          Let me know if you have any questions.


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            Robert Hutchings



            I know one client who has done this using using the free cloud. They simple opened a free cloud and uploaded the App and shared the steam. But it is a little messy (they have to un-publish and publish again but it only takes a few minutes) but works well as a temporary solution. Its only suitable for sharing with one customer per cloud name.


            another is looking at maybe doing it using Cloud business (for three customers)


            I have suggested buying a 2nd work-space and setting up three Apps (loading from the same QVDs) and three streams one for each customer. They would need to (at this point) manually create and upload QVDs as required (5 minutes max) but then the process would be automatic


            Its the easiest way to do this. And the cost is US$25 * 4 = $100 per month (three for customers and one in house)


            edit I've only just started using cloud business. For everything for one client including developing the App. I have a fast internet connection at home but so far I have been very impressed. A few times (but not many) the internet has frozen but only for a very short spell (a minute or so max). Overall I notice little difference compared to working on the desktop version


            I still have a few reservations using the cloud but based on about 7 days work so far its been great

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              Rob Wunderlich

              I would suggest also looking into using mashups as a solution as well. If you control the website, already have an authentication & authorization mechanism in place, pulling visualizations into your webpages from a backend Sense server can be an excellent approach.