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    Conditional field in Rangesum

    Neil Deeley



      I'm calculating a rangesum which takes in all the dates in my data:





      (avg(If(Month([BlankDate])='Nov',([Winter Weekly]),

      If(Month([BlankDate])='Dec',([Winter Weekly]),

      If(Month([BlankDate])='Jan',([Winter Weekly]),

      If(Month([BlankDate])='Feb',([Winter Weekly]),

      If(Month([BlankDate])='Mar',([Winter Weekly]),

      If(Month([BlankDate])='Apr',([Low Weekly]),

      If(Month([BlankDate])='May',([Low Weekly]),

      If(Month([BlankDate])='Jun',([Low Weekly]),

      If(Month([BlankDate])='Jul',([Peak Weekly]),

      If(Month([BlankDate])='Aug',([Peak Weekly]),

      If(Month([BlankDate])='Sep',([Low Weekly]),

      If(Month([BlankDate])='Oct',([Low Weekly])))))))))))))








      However, I need to constraint the start row of the rangesum to a particular date, in this case the Max([PickupDate]). How and where can I add this into the rangesum?


      Thanks in advance!