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    Mashup Editor Sheets and Objects - Not Displaying All Objects, also Displaying a Different Number of Objects Each Time an App is Selected




      I am having an issue with the Mashup Editor, the Sheet and Objects list in the mashup editor (in the left pane of the mashup editor) does not display all the sheets and objects for a selected app, and the number of objects change every time the same app is selected.


      Here is what is going on:

      I have an app with nine objects on one sheet that I am trying to make into a mashup.


      When I select an app from the drop down in the mashup editor, one sheet and two objects are displayed. If I select a different app, then reselect the first app, now one sheet and five objects are displayed. Every time that I reselect, the first app a different number of objects are shown.


      Here is an example:

      2017-08-29 15_24_28-Mashup editor _ Dev Hub.png

      I selected a different app, then reselected the first app:

      2017-08-29 15_25_10-Mashup editor _ Dev Hub.png

      And one more time for fun:

      2017-08-29 15_26_12-Mashup editor _ Dev Hub.png


      This app contains nine objects on one sheet and as you can see not all the objects are shown, and even the number of objects change every time that the app is selected.


      A little bit of extra information: We are running the June 2017 Patch 2 version of Qlik Sense Server. The app was made on Qlik Sense Desktop June 2017, I have updated my desktop to the June 2017 Patch 2 and resaved the app. I have also tried deleting and reuploading the app to the server many times and each time I have the same issue.



      Thank you for you time,