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    Operations Monitor Task - Error: Connection not found: ServerLogFolder

    Ben Jendrick

      So we are currently running Qlik Sense 3.1 SR4, and on July 10, our Operations Monitor and License Monitor scheduled tasks started failing around noon server time.  I have been attempting to get them back online, but adding RootAdmin to several different users in our system has been unsuccessful.


      Steps that I have performed:

      1. ServerLogFolder is defined & to the correct path in DataConnections.
      2. I have added RootAdmin to "sa_repository" along with "qliksenseadmin" users.
      3. I have even had our system admin start the job, so my login isn't conflicting with the priority privileges.
      4. I have also let the system kick off the job on it's own so it's like it's being run with highest privileges.


      So far, nothing seems to work.  Is there someone that can help guide us to a resolution?


      Thank you.