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    Duplicating data

    Angel Tomov

      Hello dear qlikers, I have the following problem
      In a straight table i have
      Transaction NO, Date, AccountNo, ContractorName,Debit,Credit, TransactTxt


      For example in AccountNo = 13300, There are 2 contractor names ( Name A and Name B) , and it duplicates my Debit and Credit data.

      I get 2 rows for each Debit and each Credit, for the 2 names.


      When I remove Contractor Name from the straight table, the Data in Debit and Credit is without Duplication.


      This happens only on 3 AccountNo, from over 1000 AccountNo.


      I have tried to write my expression for debit and credit to sum by Name A, but that way the accounts which are with different names , are with empty Debit and Credit( because they dont have Name A).



      Is there another way to avoid this duplication, without removing the Contractor Name field from the straight table.


      Thanks in advance