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    Importing parquet data from Apache Drill via ODBC into Qlik Sense

    Benjamin Kindt

      I want to import Parquet data from Apache Drill into Qlik Sense Desktop.

      The ODBC-Connection is successful - I can see all the data in the Drill Explorer.

      My workflow so far:

      - tried to import the parquet file data into Qlik Sense, but it seems not possible to import parquet files directly

      - created a view on the parquet file, but in the import dialogue I can see only the correct database / workspace / view - but nothing on the right side - nothing but the correct number of rows which are in the clicked view

      As I don't see anything in the preview window, I can't proceed to really import the data. This seems very frustrating as I can't click any buttons (all unclickable grey).

      In general I realized that Parquet files are not shown in Qlik Sense, but I can see a view on these Parquet files.

      Any ideas how to get my data into Qlik Sense?