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    RFM buckets. Group Custs by SalesAmt descending

    Mariia Gridneva



      I have an interesting issue with buckets for RFM analysis.


      In this snipping we see following functions.

      The Class dimension is a rank of 5 buckets.

      Measure Customers is a distinct number of customers.

      Measure Sales is a sum of sales for those customers.


      Every buckets shall have "total sales / 5)" which gives us  ~1 598 192 $ in each.


      The magic of calculated dimension is sorting of customers by their SalesAmt descending. And closing/limitation of every bucket when

      "totalSales/5" is fullfilled.

      We can see that 20% of total sales belongs to 45 biggest customers.


      And now to the issue...

      The expression works and handles max 3000 customers... After that we have an unending "loading" of object and following freezing. Seems that an optimization of expression is needed.


      Yes, it has to be in visualization and be dynamical.

      Yes, I tried to use sum(CustomerCount) instead of count(distinct).


      Excel with data and testApp are attached.


      Other examples or alternative handlings of RFM analysis are also welcome.




      All help is appreciated.