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    Problem to connect application in NPTINTING

    Kevin Chevrier



      I have an issue trying to connect my app.


      In fact I have 2 apps.


      The first one is a small app, and there is no problem to connect with NPrinting.


      The second one is bigger, there is an error when I am trying to connect : "Request has been purged due to connection errors".


      It's weird because on the 2 apps, it's the same user and password. I try during one day many solutions. I can assure you there is no mistake with the user or password. I have to notice that the second app was well connected last month. I don't know what could happend durring a month. The section access didn't change. I try to connect my app without section access and without authentification but there is the same error message.


      I noticed something weird in the log. The document path is like : "D:\\Qlikview\\app\\... All reverse slash are double as you can see in attachment. Is it something wrong ?


      Have you already find a solution for this issue ?