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    How to generate .csv and .txt file in Qlik NPrinting ?

    Ayan Dey

      Hi everyone,


      I want to generate a .csv report and a .txt report via Qlik NPrinting from qlikview. I am using NPrinting verson

      I saw that I can generate a .csv file when I create a QlikEntity report. But I can't edit the report in designer. As I saw in NPrinting 16 there is a way to generate .csv file when I create a PixelPerfect report. Is there any other way to generate .csv file in NPrinting 17 where I can edit the report ?

      And I am not able to generate a .txt file in either NPrinting 16 or 17. Is there any way to create .txt file in Nprinting17 ?

      Please help me.