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    Edit Shared Apps

    Assaad El Turk



      The admin created an app on Qlik Sense and would like to share it with the other users, so that the users be able to edit it ie access the data load editor and the sheets editing without creating duplicates. Is there a way for this?




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          Felip Drechsler

          Hi Assaad,


          That's not possible, since the published apps are the "final" version so to speak.

          That's how Qlik understands the flow of development (and approvals) in apps should be, and how it was constructed in a sense of giving some governance over whats being distributed and published.

          For you to edit the published apps, it is only doable by duplicating the app to your "Hub" and doing the development,

          Even if your an admin, you can't change the published app, you would have to change to which the admin has ownership and then publish it anyways.



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            mark abdoo

            Assaad - we did this in 2 different ways.  First - we created a rule that would allow read/update access to unpublished apps, thus allowing multiple users to see the App in their MY WORK stream.


            Second - we created a rule that will allow Owner of a resource or owner of resource.app, to update the resource.  The we can change the owner of a published app to allow that individual user to edit it while it is published to others.