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    Count If Sum Analysis

    Jeremy Lopez

      I've tried several different types of set Analysis with no luck. The information is sensitive so I replaced the names of the fields with Field 1 and Field 2.

      We have a straight table broken out by ID that has a calculation Sum(Field1)/Sum(Field2) Formatted as a %. To show what each ID is current producing. Easy enough

      I've been asked to create a KPI that counts How many ID's have Sum(Field1)/Sum(Field2)  <= .5



      I've searched and searched and tried to apply my formulas to what I have found in the community with no luck. It seems easy enough, but any calculation I try does not work.


      What I have tried so far:




      Sum(Field2)) <=.5), Distinct ID))


      Produces a 0 result



      =COUNT({<Sum(Field 1)/Sum(Field 2) = {"=count((Sum(Field 1)/Sum(Field 2)))<=.5"} >} DISTINCT ID)


      Calculation has error