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    Sum(Counter_orders) is not equal in all tables

    Court van de Lisdonk



      I have a dashboard with five different tables.


      In my script I have created a counter for orders


      In every table this counter is coming back (Acc.Pos). The sum is calculated in the expression (Sum of Rows).


      You would think that the sum of counters is in every table equal, but in two tables the sum is 5250, in two tables 5236 and in the last table 5211 for the month January.


      Table 01: dimension is DateTaskForce and the expression is = Sum({$ < Year = {$(= max(Year))} > } Counter_Orders)


      Table 02: dimension is DateTaskForce and the expression is = = Sum(Counter_Orders)


      Table 03: dimension is DayName and the expression is = = Sum({$ < Year = {$(= max(Year))}> } Counter_Orders) 


      Table 04: dimension is DayName and the expression is = = Sum({$ < Month = {$(= max(Month))}> } Counter_Orders)


      Table 05: dimension is MonthCombiAll and the expression = Sum({$ < Year = {$(= max(Year))}, Month=, MonthShortName= > } Counter_Orders) 


      DateTaskForce and MonthCombiAll come from the facttable, DayName from the Calendar. Calendar and Facttable are related though the field Date = DateTaskForce.


      When you check some date together 05-01-2017 – 13-01-2017 you get differences between the tables. When you check every date separate, you have no differences


      So when you check 10 dates separate (date by date) you have no differences, why differences when take all dates together.


      I thought maybe the Set Analysis had something to do with it, so I have made a copy of the dashboard and changed the expressions in every table into = Sum(Counter_Orders). Result is the same.


      When you filter Schloss from ProductionPool, you get for

      Friday 6-1-2017 in all tables 17

      Friday 13-1-2017 in all tables 38


      When you take both dates together, you get in table 01 and 02 a total of 55 (what is correct) in the other tables you get 54 (???)


      The total in the table CheckDate is 55 so 55 is correct I think


      I can’t explain, it hope someone can 


      Thanks in advance


      Regards Court,