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    how to embed a Qlik chart into our web app with anonymous access

    c s

      Hi, I am pretty new to Qlik Sense. And we are trying to integrate Qlik Sense App into our own web applications.


      We have a web application that is accessed frequently, which we need to embed a Qlik chart into. The approach we are taking here is to publish a Qlik App into an anonymous stream, export the URL for that App and embed it into our web app.


      However, because we are giving anonymous user login access pass, our access passes in QMC ran out pretty fast.


      Is there a better way to achieve our goal? Can we specify the login credential to Qlik in our web app in some other way? Or can we embed the anonymous app without consuming so many access passes?


      We will be very appreciative if some one can shed some light on this.