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    Action and no action on Filters

    Court van de Lisdonk



      I have 5 tables and serveral different filters. In the tables there are expressions which should react or not react on the filter.


      Table 01: should react on every time filter but not react on the productionpoolgroup and the productionpool


      Table 02: should react on every filte, so on all time filters and all productionfilters


      Table 03:should react on the yearfilter and the productionfilters, the expressions should not react on the other time filters like month because the table should show the values to the current month so now from january to September.


      Table 04 should react on all filters and should show all days when there are values for that day


      Table 05 should react on all filters except month, and should show all months when there are values for that month, so in 2016 all 12 months, in 2017 month jan to aug.


      Most expressions work well I think, only the expression for Re.Pos give me Problems.


      Thanks in advance

      Regards Court