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    How to calculate the sum of days as per the status for 6 months

    Neha Pathak

      I have data of 6 months i.e Feb to July separately in 6 separate excel sheets and each sheets have column "Empid"(Primary key) , "Status" and "days".

      Status of employee are "Posted" , "FP" and "TM" and this status may change every month for a corresponding Empid


      Now I have to make 3 columns in load editor as "Total Posted" "Total FP" and "Total TM" which should add the sum of the days as per the "Status" of the Empid.


      eg: Here the Empid is xyz

      "month"     "Status"       "Days"

      Feb          Posted           20

      March        FP                22

      April          Posted          10

      May           TM               30

      June         FP                 40

      July           TM                15


      now the answer should be:


      Total posted=30

      Total FP=62

      Total TM=45.


      In this I am not able to find the sum as per the categorization

      Kindly help me out in making a column in load editor in qliksense .