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    Mashup Issue, Fullscreen View - Mouseover doesnt work

    Oliver Hartmann

      Hi community,


      I've encountered a problem while trying to create a fullscreen view of a object in a qlik sense mashup. The situation is following: i have several objects (bar-chart, pie chart, tables) displaying on one page. I've created an opportunity to make these objects fullscreen, therefore im ussing some css sytles (position: fixed, width:100%, height:100%, top: 0;, right: 0; , left:0, bottom:0;). The objects expand perfectly fullscreen, but unfortunately the mouse-over function that should display the figure dosent appear in fullscreen mode. After spending a lot of time in testing, i discovered that the problem is based on the css setting position:fixed. Unfortunately, i'm not able to solve this issue. Somebody has an idea how to fix this issue or has encountered the same issue and found an workaround?


      Thanks in advance for any helps.