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    Issue with filters in case of multiple data files.

    Pallav Abhishek

      I have three different data files of Revenue ,Cost and Efforts.>


      The column of revenue and Cost are same- Something like this.


      QuarterFinancial YearClient GeographyAmount Invoice CurrencyAmount INRAmount in CCAmount INR at Beacon RateAmount USDAmount USD at Beacon RateEnd Customer NameGroup ClientProject Location Wrt CorporateService LineIOUSub IOUTagMapped Customer NameShortNameBand


      and Effort data table looks like


      QuarterFinancial YearClient GeographyService LineEnd Customer NameGroup ClientProject Location Wrt CorporateSub IOUIOUSum of Allocation Effort(Hrs)Sum of Allocation Effort(Months)TagMapped Customer NameShortNameBand



      All three excels are having data for same period.


      The problem that I am facing is during visualization is If am using columns from two diff datafiles the filters are not working.


      So If I want to put a filter of Client Geography. I have to put three diff filters for all three tables. Then only its working

      Please help.