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    Can we hide an app from users?

    Mark Ritter

      Here is the scenario that I am faced with.


      We have a Profit & Loss app that was created that uses a custom extension.  This app is available to users in the hub.


      We also needed hard copy reports created in NPrinting.  So our consultant created another version of this app that does not use the extension.  The extension was just used to format the screen the way that we wanted it.


      The Nprinting version has to be published and is sitting in a separate stream.  In order to have Section Access work we appear to have to give users access to this stream and app in Qlik Sense.  If we don't do that then the report doesn't run in NPrinting.  At least the way we are doing it.


      I do not want users to be able to run the NPrinting version of the app from the Hub.  That will be very confusing for them.  But as long as they have access the danger is there that they will.


      So is there a way to give NPrinting access but not allow the users access?