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    QV license metadata import necessary to produce report for SOC2 compliance

    David Dumas

      I need to produce a Dashboard (a single straight table that can be exported to excel is fine) that contains qlikview document and user access info.  Kind of like what Governance Dashboard produces but I cannot find where this info (see below) is located in any log files.  I know that there are log files for user session info, but that assumes that a user has accessed a qvw already. 


      Let's assume for now that no users have actually pulled up any documents yet in accesspoint.

      I need a straight table that shows, for all QlikView published Dashboards (QVWs):

      -Dashboard Name

      - Users who have Access

      - Security Type

      - Type of license they have

      I know this information exists, as all of the above are maintained in the QMC.  I just do not know what readable text files can be used to get it or where they are located.  If I did, I could read them in and create the table.

      Once again, I do not want to rely on the session logs.