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    Purpose of RIM node - Qlik Sense June 2017

    Rich Morby

      I've installed a multi node instance of Qlik 2017 with a single Central Node and single RIM node. I've added the RIM node to the cluster and it connected successfully to the Central Node. I set it's Purpose as production and enable the Repository and Engine.



      I can access the Central Node via it's hostname just like I could on a single node install but I can't access the RIM node directly via it's host name.


      If I enable Proxy for the RIM node I can access it but I get the following error message




      The RIM node is a more powerful machine and I thought the purpose of it was to handle the load from the end users. Is this correct and if so how do I route user traffic to the RIM node and leave the Central Node for development work and data loading?


      Thanks in advance for any advice!