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    Calendar fields and TimeSeries function in R

    Jokke Ruokolainen

      I'm doing a demo on R integration on Sense and I've come across a problem with ts( start=c()) function.

      I can't get the start working in my dataset (I can drop the not wanted rows in load script), is there something I should take into consideration while generating the calendar for it to work with R timeseries functions?


      So in short the problem is that I'd like the forecast function to start forecasting from a spesific year instead of from the first date.



      here's the script for clarification:



          'data<-ts(na.omit(q$Variable1),frequency=12, start=c(1998,1));'&


          'res<-forecast(fit, level=0.95, h=q$vForecastPeriods); '&

          'n <- length(q$Variable1); '&

          'fore <- append(q$Variable1[(q$vForecastPeriods - 1):n],res$mean,after= n - q$vForecastPeriods); '&


          Sum(NoZerosco2) as Variable1,

          $(vForecastPeriods) as vForecastPeriods)