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    QlikView version help!

    afsar shaikh

      Hi All,


      On my local machine, I'm using QlikView 11.20.12852.0 SR11 32-bit Edition and the version available on client production environment is QlikView 11.20.12451.0 SR7 64-bit Edition.


      I've noticed that the syntax on my local machine doesn't give me red underline highlights but on my production environment it does (shown in the below image). It's not supporting the 'not equals to sign i.e. -='.


      I want to know that, will this affect my application or my expressions will go wrong? Do I need to upgrade the QV version or will this work fine because, It shows expression as OK but highlights the syntax.


      Please advise solution on this.




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          Anil Samineni

          Yes, SR7 drawback is that. This may resolve if you upgrade to recent one..


          And read this about Important:  End of Life for QlikView 11 - 08 December 2017

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            Kwok Chong

            No, it is simply a bug in the syntax highlighting, it does not affect how the expressions are interpreted. The syntax has not changed, since updates from SR7 to SR11 are only bug fixes, as long as the expressions are well formed you should be fine.

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              Avinash R

              No this will not affect your app in the Production ...syntax will show in red line but it will work fine no need to worry on this

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                Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

                While this particular issue when displaying certain set analysis syntax is know and only affects the editor but not the calculation itself, it is highly recommended to keep both development and production versions as close as possible for several reasons.


                Functionality is unlikely to change between SRs (minor releases, in most cases) but there are bugs affecting older versions (specifically those related to the Ajax client) which have been fixed in newer versions. A property in a chart or a reload task configuration will not work in your SR7 but it will in Prod's SR11, and you may end up spending some time to fix something that is not broken.


                Last but not least, using two different versions is not officially supported by Qlik, which in case of issues with your environment will recommend always to either upgrade to the latest version available or, at least, make both development and production run the same version.