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    is there a source of postcodes in Australia with Longitudes and Latitudes?

    Josephinet Tedesco

      Hi All

      I am a newbie in QlikSense.

      I have made a map visualisation using postcodes in Australia.

      I am using a spreadsheet - found below, but I needed to do a number of fixes:

      Australian Postal Codes - Matthew Proctor


      Q1  Is there a better resource - because this particular resource (and I am grateful I found it) does not have a 1 to 1 relationship between postcode and longitude/latitude.



      Q2.  In the real world - is this how would I proceed? 

      a. publish the QlikSense to the ?cloud or the ?Enterpise browser (i have not gto to this part of the book yet!)

      b. give the browser address to a user


      I must admit though - doing a map visualisation was fairly easy once I had prepared the spreadsheets.