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    Question concerning Date and Long Timestamps in SQL Database

    Sascha Seifert

      Hi dear Qlik Community,


      before I start with my question, I wanted to say that the Qlik Community is maybe the best online help forum on the internet.



      I need to load data from an SQL Server and put it into a QVD. I have serious problems with a Timestamp field.


      These are the options concerning the field:1

      This is how the data looks on the SQL Database:

      This is how it looks in my QVD File:


      Here is my Statement:


      LOAD text(RSS_TIMESTAMP_START) as NewDate;


      FROM xxx.dbo."xxx_xxx_xxx_xxx";


      All I want to do is to make a date out of this timestamp -> yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.fff


      Would anybody please assist me ?


      Thank you in advance