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    Relational operators as set modifiers

    Liv ma



      I have the following date structure: date, client, sales


      suppose I want to calculate the sales for the period after a certain date (let's say after 20 nov 2016)


      I have tried to use sum({<date>42694>}Sales) but it does not work, so is there an alternative way to do this?


      thank you very much


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          Marcus Sommer

          The syntax isn't quite right. Try this one:


          sum({< date = {">42694"} >} Sales)


          - Marcus

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            Anil Samineni

            How is your date format looks like? Is that is in number format or Date format. If date format it won't work for numbers.


            date(date) as date



            sum({< date = {"> $(=Date(...))"} >} Sales)

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              Sam Grounds



              Marcus' answer will give you exactly that.


              To expand on this a little bit, it depends on what your data format is. If your date is stored as a number then 42694 will work, however if it is stored as a date, then you will need to do it like this...




              (note: use single quotes around the date.)


              Or if you're using a dynamic date, something you want the user to be able to specify, the simply pre-calculate a variable with something like this...




              The $(vDate) would reference a variable called vDate that you can put into an on-screen object and allow them to change or you can edit it directly with the variable overview (CTRL + ALT + V), or specify it in the load script with...


              LET vDate = '20/11/2016';


              Or even


              LET vDate = Date(Today()-1,'DD/MM/YYYY');

              (for yesterday).


              If it's numerical format, then use Date#().


              Hope this helps.


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                Liv ma

                thank you all, your solutions worked - I obviously wasn't using the correct syntax and on top of that I also had a different formatting of the date.


                great community, thank you once again.