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    User Directory Connector with Azure AD

    Ennio Aoki

      Hello, I had a User Directory Connector (UDC) configured with our on premises AD (filtering some users and cost centers) and using the default Virtual Proxy (VP).


      Now, we configured a new VP to Azure AD (AAD) to single sign-on (SSO) sucessfully. But have no idea how to filter the same cost centers to get the users from AAD. We tried to create a new UDC with a generic LDAP but no success (same URL from first UDC - I know, strage, but we gave it a shot).


      I saw this post but I think the guys are stuck in the same point.


      Is the only way to ask the users access at least one time to then allocate a license to them? Or is there a way to get them from AAD via UDC?


      I'd really appreciate any help.

        • Re: User Directory Connector with Azure AD
          Ennio Aoki

          If someone need the info, we solved this issue:

          • Using the same Path and LDAP filter of the old UDC;
          • In Directory Entry Attributes, the Account Name as the same attribute used in claim with AAD (in our case, "mail");
          • And the User Identification attribute as "user" instead the default "inetOrgPerson";


          QS June 2017, BTW.