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    use STORE to export variables or set analysis in script

    Peter Alao

      I will like to export results from Chart (Table) in Qlik to text format. These are from calculations embedded into pivot table with more than 3 million rows. When I export data directly in Qlik it gets truncated but the I need the data in text format with all the results. I used store and it worked for simple dimensions and measures but when I try a calculation with a variable it doesn´t work.


      For example:

      LET vMARCH) = 'if(aggr(if((Sum({$}[Mar 17])-Sum({$}[Sum_MAR_17]))<>0 ,1,0), referenceID ) = 1, referenceID)';


      Now I call and store the variable

      store $(vMARCH),Sum_MAR_17, Mar17 from LM_DE into lib://Dario/reference_MAR.txt (txt);


      but it wouldn’t work.


      Can anybody help or suggest how to deal with this