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    How to pick up last week's data of that particular month in QlikView?

    Apoorva Dhulehole

      Hello Everyone,


      I need help on the below requirement.


      I have a date field which has dates of only Fridays of that particular month. So this field will have 4 or 5 date values for a month based on number of Fridays in that month. What I want to achieve is, there are AOP and Actual figures against these dates, and in my straight table I would like to display only the data of last week in that particular month. And for the current month, data should be the latest week data.


      For Example: Considering that below is the table in excel sheet, I want to display only data for AOP and Actuals for Date, 25-08-2017 for month of August and for September, I have to show data for Date, 01-09-2017 as this is the latest week in September so far.




      How can I show this data in a Straight table? Any suggestions?


      Thank you.