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    Freeze selecting settings (ergonomic topic)

    Philippe BONNIN

      hi everybody,

      I created a settings sheet

      SETTINGS.png SELECT.png

      on this example i set 2 parameters to simplify in this case (but in others apps there may be up to 10)


      For each user, this 2 parameters will not change for the current year ...


      My wish is to freeze the choices (for a year for example).


      So my issue is to transform the selection in lines in loading script or to freeze the choices in the app.


      Obviously, i could do it for each user (if you can tell me the right script :-)),

      but the ideal would be to give the user the opportunity to do so ...


      my final goal is ergonomic : when the user has made many selections in these different analyzes it must all reset to zero, including the initial parameters; it will then have to reselect these later, again and again. if the reset can exclude the initial settings it would be more comfortable ...

      Best regards