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    Preview time out in NPrinting

    Fabio Lazzarato



      I have a problem with NPrinting (version 17.4). In template editor when I try to visualize the preview of a sheet filled with objects added from the connected objects I encounter a time out problem. The visualization of an empty sheet preview doesn't have problem. If I create a task to create the report, this process goes on indefinitely until I abort it.

      Thank you

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          Peter Cammaert

          In the meantime, is QlikView busy calculating your objects (and consuming memory) or is the process stalling?


          You can try to reduce the number of objects and apply a process of elimination to find the one that is causing a headache...

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            Ruggero Piccoli

            Hi Fabio,


            The preview time depends on many factors, for example the structure of the template.

            It would be useful to have a screenshot of the template.

            About the task failure please post your logs or check if there are specific error messagges.

            Are you connecting to a QlikView document or to a Qlik Sense app?

            A preview of an empty template is not useful because it does not need to retrive data from the connection so try to create a very simple report from the connection you are having issue (for example an Excel template with only an image). and check if this preview works.



            Best Regards,



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