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    Qlikview EDX issue

    Pierre Philouze

      Hello everybody,


      I have a Qlikview Server 11 SR 12 running on a Windows Server 2008 R2. I use the Qlikview EDX for a huge number of Qlikview refreshs. EDX refreshs are launched thanks to a scheduling tools executing a batch file on the QV server.

      For a few days, I have an issue with the EDX. The refresh of the QV document is correctly launched but the Qlikview EDX tool does not wait untill the end of the refresh in my batch script.


      My script is :


      set qvfilename=toto.qvw

      set edxlogfile=D:\logs\log_%date_a%.log

      qmsedx -task="Reload of %qvfilename%" -password=mypassword -verbosity=5 -to=3600 >>%edxlogfile%


      So in my log file I used to get something like that :


      Successfully started task with id/name=Reload of toto.qvw

      Checking the status of task toto.qvw (id=68bb459d-92b8-449c-84f6-0ba4ac6b4966 execId=77a8df32-d872-41b4-8eb5-91aacd95c10c)

      The task execution ended.


      But now, I just have the 2 first lines. Sometime, I don't even get one line ! However, the Qlikview document is correctly refreshed...


      Do you have any ideas ?