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    Using OR/IF function in Set Expression

    Mohammed Al Radi

      Dear Qlik Community,


      I hope this finds you well. I am currently working on a data set that consists of 3 fields (Trainee ID, Economic Literacy Score, Value Chains Test Score).


      I have the following set expression:


      Count({$<[Value Chains Test Score]={'>=7'},  [Economic Literacy Score]={'>=7'}>}[Trainee ID])


      This expression gives me the # Trainees that took both Value Chains & Economic Literacy trainings and scored >7 in both. It is worth nothing that all trainees take both trainings.


      I would like to amend it to say: Count the number of Trainees (distinct without repetition) that scored at least 7 in either the 'Value Chains training' or Economic Literacy training'. I can't seem to get the syntax right for it though. Or perhaps this is best answered using addition and a distinct function that covers both parts of the addition expression?


      If anything comes to mind I would be most appreciative.