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    How to create a banding report with loop pages in Nprinting

    Piacentini Piacentini

      Hi everyone!


      I have a quick question related to NPrinting.

      I've always created reports using the Banding Tool in QlikView, that permits to create reports with loop pages, depending on values of a table's field.

      Let me explain with an example: I have a table which contains in the first column people's name and in the second column a single object bought from the single person. If a person have bought more than one object, it is splitted in more raws, for example:


      Francis Scott FitzgeraldDish Soap
      Francis Scott FitzgeraldSponges
      Carl GaussTowels
      Marie CurieWater



      I want to create a report where in each different page is shown:

      - as title the name of the person;

      - as table the raws related with the single person.


      In this case I would have created a report with 3 pages (one for each person).


      This process was automated with QlikView using the banding tool, is it possible using Excel in Nprinting?


      Thank you!