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    How to create dimensions from several variables

    Salman Eskandari

      I am calculating retention rates (i.e. how many users that registered for our service week 1 came back week 2, 3, 4, and so on).

      So let´s say I have 3 variables:

      - vUsers1WeekPostReg - Gives me the number of users that logged in 1 week after registration

      - vUsers2WeekPostReg - Gives me the number of users that logged in 2 weeks after registration

      - vUsers3WeekPostReg - Gives me the number of users that logged in 3 weeks after registration

      Now, I want to plot a chart (staple or line) where I can see on the Y-axis the number of users, and on the X-axis the 3 different weeks:

      - Week 1 after registration

      - Week 2 after registration

      - Week 3 after registration

      I don´t know how to create this dimension in a good way.

      I tried if(vUsers1WeekPostReg>0,'Week 1', if(vUsers2WeekPostReg>0,'Week 2', vUsers3WeekPostReg>0,'Week 3').

      The problem with this approach is that some users can be active in several of the specified times. So if they are "captured" by the first if-statement, they are lost in the second.

      How can I do this in the best way?

      Best regards,