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    Logical help

    adarsh chaubey

      Hi all,



      Pfa the two qvw files we are using model qvw as a binary load in second qvw .Now we have a requirement like this.:


      Target / Subject Requirement

      Description of the requirement

      BHP should be included for the Keywords WCONHIST andWCONINJH

      Solution (optional)

      For more extensive Problems please refer "Requirement catalog".

      For each stated keyword the BHP should be included in the table.

      WCONHIST – Item 10* = BHP

      WCONINJH – Item 5* = BHP

      The following condition shall be used:

      The BHP shall be included only if the value is defined and above a threshold value of 10. Otherwise it shall be stated as “1*”


      Thanks in advance.Its very urgent