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    Is there an overall (global) calendar to use as filter?

    Christoph Albrecht

      I want to simply choose a date range. Let’s say I want to see all my data within January. With one timestamp field, there is no problem. Because I can set this date selection/filter for that specific timestamp field. And I will get all data related to that timestamp within January.


      But what when I have e.g. three timestamps: timestamp1, timestamp2 and timestamp3. All three timestamps are related to different data. So I have three line diagrams with the three timestamps as dimension. What I want is, when I select e.g. a month in one of the diagrams, the other two diagrams should also show only the data from that selected month.


      Is there any overall calendar, where all timestamps are related to? So that I can select a date range e.g. a month or week and I get all the data related to all the different timestamps within that selected range?


      To be more clearly:



        2017-01-01 00:00:01

      2017-01-01 00:00:030.5
      2017-01-01 00:00:080.2




        2017-02-01 10:00:01

      2017-03-01 11:05:43307
      2017-04-01 08:13:27163




        2017-06-12 06:12:01

      2017-06-12 14:39:02152.1
      2017-06-13 23:16:10687.0


      The data has nothing to do with each other. There are no relations between the three tables. I just want to select a month, a week or a specific day and see all the related data from the three tables.


      Is it possible to have a calendar and connect DateTime1, DateTime2 and DateTime3 with that calandar? Or is it possible to create a common calendar from these three date fields?