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    Field API error this.genericObject.close is not a function

    Ilya Komlyakov

      I'm trying to get unique values for current field in extension. That's what I do:


      $scope.backendApi.getDimensionInfos().forEach( function( value, col ) {

           var data = qlik.currApp().field(value.qGroupFieldDefs[0].toString()).getData();

           var listener = function () {

                  $.each(this.rows, function(idx, row) {

                        // do smth







      I have this extension on several sheets. When i first time open app this works well, but when i go to another page, this extension give me the following error:

      TypeError: this.genericObject.close is not a function

          at e.getData (client.js??1497008912700:66)

          at filterTree.js??1497008912700:65  <-------that is my extension

          at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)

          at buildTree (filterTree.js??1497008912700:62)

          at Object.<anonymous> (filterTree.js??1497008912700:35)

          at client.js??1497008912700:3

          at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)

          at a.emit (client.js??1497008912700:3)

          at Object.setState (client.js??1497008912700:18)

          at client.js??1497008912700:18