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    Get latest value from table

    Jarkko Pelli



      I have 3 columns on a straight table:




      =Sum({<Transaktio_taloustieto_mittari_sarja={'Actual'},Transaktio_taloustieto_item={'Net sales 2018 estimate'}>}Transaktio_talotieto_amount)

      This returns to me the following data:


      I would like it to return me only the last amount entered ( in this case Nr 1.) My goal is to have this formula added to a chart as a bar that has a yearly dimension. but it should only show the latest value inside that year.

      Any ideas how to accomplish this?  

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          Sunny Talwar

          May be this






          FirstSortedValue(DISTINCT Aggr(Sum({<Transaktio_taloustieto_mittari_sarja={'Actual'},Transaktio_taloustieto_item={'Net sales 2018 estimate'}>}Transaktio_talotieto_amount), Transaktio_taloustieto_item, YearMonth), -YearMonth))

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              Jarkko Pelli

              Thanks Sunny,


              It works when the dimenstion is set to Transaktio_taloustieto_item. But im using a combo chart, and the only dimension is  Year. Can you think of any way how to get it working in a combo chart, so that it would show the last value entered ?



              If 2016 Q1=1, q2=4, Q3=3, Q4= empty, it should show 3 as for the year 2016 value.