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    For Loop In Qlikview

    venu gopal

      Hi guys...

      greeting of the day.


                                  I have an excel file as below.


      Group AGroup BMonth
      Company A  Company BJan
      Company B  Company FFeb
      Company C  Company DMar
      Company D  Company DApr
      Company F   Company Dmay


      So hear the logic is in the month of  Jan Company A has been taken by Company B,

                                      in the month of  Feb Company B has been Taken by Company F,

                                      in the month of  Mar Company C has been taken by Company D,

                                      in  The month of May company F also taken by Company F

      my resultant table in qlik will be like below.


      Group AJanFebMarAprMay
      Company ACompany BCompany FCompany FCompany FCompany D
      Company BCompany BCompany F
      Company F
      Company FCompany D
      Company CCompany CCompany CCompany DCompany DCompany D
      Company DCompany DCompany DCompany D
      Company D
      Company D
      Company FCompany FCompany FCompany F
      Company F
      Company D


      Plz help me how to achieve this in qlikview.

      Thanks in advance