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    Help with variable based dimension switching

    Sunil Kachappilly

      I am using a variable based dimension switch on a Qlik Sense report as follows:


      Dimension expression: [$(vDimLevel1]


      The vDimLevel1 variable holds a string value of a field name, that is derived based on some other criteria, that I do not want to complicate this discussion with. So keeping it simple, this variable gets a field name (string), which then the expression converts to an actual field name.


      It works!

      It works just fine when I use it on a pivot table and also as a dimension in a chart.


      Funny thing, Qlik Sense does not like it when I add such an expression, as a second dimension in any kind of visualization object.

      The same exact expression works just fine when used as a second dimension in a Pivot table.


      This is driving me crazy.

      Is this a Product bug or do chart axes (2nd dimension) need a different format of $ expansion or something?

      Plz help... plz plz plz