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    OR Operator as Filter in Nprint

    Tom Neal

      Hi All,


      I have three filters I want to apply to an NPrint job.


      I'm wondering is it possible to apply an AND + OR operator between these two filters?


      Filters look like:

      (Level = 1

      and Status = Live)


      Status = Delayed


      I haven't found anything regarding it on the community.




        • Re: OR Operator as Filter in Nprint
          Ruggero Piccoli

          Hi Tom,


          In NPrinting you can create a filter with Level = 1 and Status = Live, another filter with Status = Delayed but when you add both NPrinting filters to a report the operator is an AND and it is not possible to transform it into an OR.


          Workarounds could be:

          - create a new field in the reload script that is true when the condition is verified and create the NPrinting filter based on this new field

          - create a new chart that shows only the data rows that satisfy the condition. Note that NPrinting supports hide charts saved on visible sheets.

          In both cases you need to modify the data source.



          Best Regards,



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