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    My own "Governance app" based on the GD - field meanings?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I am working on a customized (and very much smaller) Version of the Governance_Dashboard to Monitor the ongoings on our QlikView_Server - I just want a fraction of the Information contained in the original, some of the Information is not even available because the logging_functions are very low_Level in our Server_installation.

      I have a question on the meaning of a field, I Need to understand before using it in my own app:

      I am only using the two tables "SessionTaskAuditMaster" and "Performance".

      => In the table "STAM", there is a "SessionTimeStamp" and a "SessionHour" - but they do not correspond to each other, so I wonder what is what here?

      That is not in the public documentation of the GD, or I haven't found it yet, I will Keep looking, maybe the info is somewhere already ...

      Still, can someone help me with that?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,