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    QV11.2 to QV12 Licensing

    Daniel Baksa

      I'm planning an upgrade from 11.2 to 12, I want to stand up a temporary development environment and thought I would use my test license for Server / Publisher on the new server. My plan is to disable services on my current test server while testing 12 and then reverse the process when production development is required during this time frame.


      Once I license the QV 12 services on the new server is the current license affected in anyway? Is it still compatible with 11.2. when disable services on QV12 and restart services on 11.2


      I have a lot of content deployed to users and I need to confirm all QV applications are working on 12 before taking the leap to upgrade my clustered environment. I looked  at the Upgrade and Migration documentation and it is sparse on detail at best.


      Any additional documentation or advise would be appreciated.


      Thank You in Advance,


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          Peter Cammaert

          As long as you don't use the same license in a running QlikView environment twice, this should work. Keep in mind that to use an existing 11.2 liocense in a 12.xx environment, you should have an active maintenance contract. Or your license may have been locked in the 11.2 series.


          If you want to be sure about this delicate license issue, contact your QlikView Partner. They will be happy to assist.