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    Task Executions in Security Profiles

    Chris Attewell-Hughes

      Hi guys,


      I'm building my own security profiles and want to give access to view the task executions page.


      There doesn't seem to be an option for this and only administrators can see task executions.


      How do I give access to this part of NPrinting to other security profiles?




      Chris A.

        • Re: Task Executions in Security Profiles
          Ruggero Piccoli

          Hi Chris,


          At the moment (June 2017, but September 2017 will be the same) the task execution page is accessible only by administrators and there is not an option in the role configuration to grant this right to users.


          I don't know when this permission will be available.



          Best Regards,



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            • Re: Task Executions in Security Profiles
              Thomas Andersson

              Hi Ruggero,


              I hope that you will implement this possiblilty very soon. Our customer have a big Environment with many developers and we don't want that alla developers should have access to all apps, but as the need to see the result of the tasks they are running we must currently make them Admin.

              My suggestion is to move the task execution from Admin to Task menu, it is more logical.