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    QDF IndexAdd error

    Andy Ritting

      I'm trying to add an IndexAdd call. I've never used the QDF Index before.  Howerver, when I add the IndexAdd call after my store statement I get an "Unknown Error"


      STORE [$(vL.TableName)] INTO '$(vL.QVDPath)\$(vL.TableName).qvd';

      Call IndexAdd('$(vL.QVDPath)\$(vL.TableName).qvd');

      Unknown Error

      store * from [___vL.tmpTable] into '\\dwqlikdev\qv-docs\SourceDocs\10.DWQLIKDEV\99.shared_folders\5.Config\Index\SalesEDash_2.QVD_Calendar.qvd.Index' (txt,delimiter is ';' )


      Any idea what I am need to change?

        • Re: QDF IndexAdd error
          Magnus Berg

          Hi Andrew, seems strange it should work. Do you have access to the location '\\dwqlikdev\qv-docs\SourceDocs\10.DWQLIKDEV\99.shared_folders\5.Config\Index\ ? If yes, have any .index files been written in that location? Could it be that QlikView have no write permissions to the folder?