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    Filter row number Nprinting/PowerPoint

    federico Lo Presti


      i should insert a straight table on Nprinting PP report . This table are too long for a single page so i would split it on some pages.

      I think there'll better to use a filter, it's possibile? if yes, how ?  Are there other way to achieve my goal?

      Thank yo

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          Aran Nathanson

          There are different ways to do this.


          If you build a pixel perfect report, it will automatically put tables on multiple pages and repeat header rows.


          The same can be done in Excel.


          You can also use the "page" feature to split the data so for instance you can have a worksheet for every value of a dimension like year or month.





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              federico Lo Presti

              Thank you for your response but, i need to produce a ppt presentation, in your case, not available in pixel perfect output. Is there a function to set a filter?

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                  Ruggero Piccoli

                  Hi Federico,

                  You could:

                  - use the Page feature to create different slides. In this case the number of rows per slide depends on the filtered dataset.

                  - set the "Custom Rows" property to limit the rows number for each slide. In this case you have to add the same table multiple times in the Tables node an insert a manual limit for each one in order to limit the number of displaied rows.


                  Custom Rows.png



                  Best Regards,



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