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    data Model

    Vishnu Vardhan



      I need a clarification on Data model. I have Multiple fact tables and dimension tables. Now there is no relation between the fact tables, not even a single field is matching. can we still create a star schema. if yes, please provide me the answer how to create the perfect star schema.



      Vishnu T

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          Peter Cammaert

          Any data model is based on a concept. The concept translates your business intentions into software design guidelines. But those concepts depend on what your data represents (abstract objects) and what you plan to do with that data (processes).


          Since you don't supply the slightest piece of information about what's inside your data model, it will be impossible to supply any useful suggestions.


          Care to enlighten us about what we are dealing with?

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            Peter Rieper

            Seems quite strange.

            If you wish to keep all the fact-tables separate, you do not need to change. But also, there is no reason to make it a star schema.


            edit: crossed with Peter Cammaert's comment

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              Anand Chouhan

              Shemas like (STAR or Snowflake) contains Fact table that contains main fields / KPIS with the relation between the table (Dimension Table or Fact Table) that has information about the fields. Without all this proper information it is difficult to create the another Dim / Fact table. Also it is need to check how the table is Normalized or DeNormalised in the Data model.


              Without proper information related to Tables / Fields not easy to connect any other table.


              Hope this helps

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                Daniele Storti

                Hi Vishnu,


                I suggest to read this post, probably I don't think exist only one answer to your question:


                Concatenate vs Link Table