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    Pivot Table Conditional Coloring

    Meghann MacDonald

      Hello everyone,

      At the moment I have a pivot table that lists out the name of a document, say "X Datasheet", and then lists it's locations, so a 1 in SFDC and a 1 in "X Website". I am working in qlik sense, and I need a function to put in background color that says... If there is a link in SFDC and a link on the website, turn both boxes green. However, 'SFDC link' is not a dimension or measure on its own, so it would have to be something like, when the location equals SFDC and the location equals website, turn both boxes green. So my pivot table looks something like this...Capture.PNG

      I would like to write a function that will turn B2 and C2 Green, because they are equal. I am having trouble with the formatting, and it might not be possible because of the data model (as the data model is set up with Asset = X Data sheet, Location = SFDC, next line, Asset = X Datasheet, Location = Website, etc)

      Please let me know! At the moment, I have a totals line, which would be equal to 2 in the first line and 1 in the second, and have it set to green when > 1.