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    Dynamically create multiple qListObjectDef objects with array property

    Colin McKenna

      Hello all,


      I am just getting started creating qlik sense extensions, and I'm having a bit of trouble. I see that you can define multiple qListObjectDefs in the initialProperties section of an extension. But I am looking for a way to create a qListObjectDef for each Dimensions added in the properties panel using an array property. I have 2 main questions:


      1. How can I create qLIstObjectDef objects when a user adds a new item to an "array" property?
      2. How do i then assign the values from this array to a qListObjectDef


      My current code looks like this:


      initialProperties: {
      version: 1.0,
                      qListObjectDef: {
                          qShowAlternatives: true,
                          qFrequencyMode: "V",
                          qSortCriterias: {
                              qSortByState: 1
                          qInitialDataFetch: [{
                              qWidth: 1,
                              qHeight: 10000
      myArray: []
      definition: {
      type: "items",
      component: "accordion",
      min: 1,
      max: 1,
      items: {
      dimension: {
      ref: "myArray",
      allowAdd: true,
                              allowRemove: true,
                              addTranslation: "Add Dimension",
      items: {
      label: {
      show: true
                                  field: {
                                      type: "string",
                                      expression: "always",
                                      expressionType: "dimension",
                                      ref: "arrayField",
                                      label: "Field",
                                      show: true
      style: {
      ref: "vars.filterType",
      expression: "optional",
      translation: "Filter Type:",
      type: "string",
      defaultValue: "Checkbox",
      component: "dropdown",
      options: [{
      value: "Checkbox",
      label: "Checkbox"
      value: "Radio",
      label: "Radio"
      appearance: {
      uses: "settings"


      I am trying to create a functionality similar to the built in filter pane, that allows a user to define multiple dimensions in a single extension to use for filtering.