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    Issue - List box clears when selection is still valid

    Barb Cline



      I have several list boxes to filter data.  If I make a selection that clears one list box, the other list box clears ... but it should not.  See my first image below... I have selected Medical, S and Communited Rated.  See my second image... I have selected Financially Rated, which appropriately clears Segment S (because S is not valid for Financially Rated).  But, as you can see MEDICAL is still the only appropriate Line option for Financially Rated, so why did MEDICAL clear?

      I have my list boxes set up to QlikView Classic.  I'm using v11.2 SR12.  I have used QlikView for 5+ years and I have never had this issue.  It has me baffled.  Any ideas how to resolve?